Personal Assistants

All personal assistants are seen as the gatekeepers to their managers, managing diaries, schedules and correspondence. Their role is to ensure that everything flows seamlessly for the manager they are supporting. The most commonly known assistants are Personal Assistants. At Setters Private Staff, we offer assistants that operate at a higher level, brining you a more specialized quality of service. 

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants typically carry a little more responsibility than a Personal Assistant.

They are more involved in the business and decision making as well as handling the bulk of the correspondence, administration and diary management. They are the first point of contact for their managers and are a great assistance in relieving the day-to-day administrative pressures of running your business.

Business Assistant

Although similar to an Executive Assistant, a Business Assistant operates at a more senior, managerial level. They often support one manager or a team of managers, ensuring that their time is coordinated well and used efficiently.


While their support can also span to administrative and personal duties, they primarily ensure that the managers’ finances, tasks, meetings and travel arrangements are in order. They play a critical role and are seen as the backbone to the busy manager. 

Private Personal Assistant

A Private Personal Assistant is ideal for busy entrepreneurs and professionals that need support for both their business and personal affairs. They need to adapt to change and practice discreteness. PPAs can work from your private office or home either as part of a team or independently.

The job of a PPA is broad and it will depend on what you need whether it is: looking after your events, taking care of your home staff, taking care of your travel needs, looking after your international homes, managing your diary, looking after your budget and expenses, and travelling with you. The list is endless.

Travel Personal Assistant

Traveling continuously can be stressful and demanding, especially if you are always on the move for your businesses. In this case, assistance with logistics preparations and bookings is essential. A Travel PA is ideal for the job. Travel PAs will: sort out your visa, research and book the best and least cumbersome flights, prepare your travel schedule, find and book all your accommodation and transportation in advance, suggest venues and practical travel times for your meetings.

They also coordinate airport check-ins, will give you weather updates and make restaurant reservations. If you are looking to go on holiday, they will research and book the best activities, create itineraries you, your family or clients.

If you require more information on our services, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to connect you with not just any candidate, but the right candidate!

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