Household Staff

Experienced household staff see to the essential day-to day needs that keep a home running and in-tact. They are the behind-the-scenes team that give the effortless perfection impression in all areas of your home and private functions


A Housekeeper is responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of your home. Although often overlooked, their role is essential to our wellbeing.

The duties of a housekeeper include performing all cleaning tasks, laundry and ironing, dusting and polishing, vacuuming and most other household tasks that include cleaning.

Elderly Companion

Normally a live-in position, Companions for the elderly, assist those who may need help during a recuperating period or general assistance to make day to day living a bit more pleasant. However, they do not administer medication or give personal care.

Their duties can include providing companionship, grocery shopping and personal errands, food preparation, assisting with grooming, light housekeeping, planning reactional activities and events.

Chef – Private

A trained chef or experienced cook can change the quality of your life significantly. We all know that the largest portion of a health plan is centred around the diet. In a busy world with more priorities than we can manage, food preparation usually falls by the wayside.

Eliminate the risk of neglecting your health by taking on board a private chef. They are able to plan menus according to a wide variety of dietary requirements, manage shopping lists and accompany on your travels where required.

Chef – Functions

Rather than slaving away for a day or two with a couple of enthusiastic friends, hire a trained chef to bring your functions, events and kids or adults birthday parties to life with no sweat from your brow!

An experienced chef will be able to cater to any dietary requirements in your group and produce interesting and varied options to impress and satisfy – all in a fraction of the time.

If you require more information on our services, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to connect you with not just any candidate, but the right candidate!

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