Childcare Professionals 

A qualified and dedicated childcare processional helps to ease the complex task of raising children. Whether it be in an assistant capacity or dedicated sole charge, the vital role that childcare professionals play in both the children and parent or guardian’s lives is irreplaceable. Every home set-up is different and as as such, we have childcare professionals suited to your unique environment and available to live-in or out of your home.  

Baby Sitter

A babysitter will relieve the pressure of watching after your young ones when you’re unable to. They can range from young graduates to mature candidates and are all still subject to Setters Private Staff’s stringent quality standards.

Nanny – Live In or Live Out

A great nanny is the cornerstone of any busy family. Entrusted to look after your children in your home, they add the support and stability in both your and your children’s lives by being an extra pair of helping hands.

If you have the means, a live-in nanny is the best route to go, ensuring that help is always at hand. However, a live-out nanny can be just as useful and often does babystitting duties outside of normal hours.

Shared Nanny

A shared nanny comes with all the regular perks of having a qualified, experienced and supportive nanny but with the advantage of sharing the costs with another family either in the same space or at different times.

Mothers Help

Mothers Helps are engaged to work alongside parents, not having built up the experience to have sole charge of children yet. They can assist greatly with light housework, shopping for the family and babysitting. They can also live in or out depending on your family’s needs.


What sets a Governess apart from other childcare professionals is their background in education. Although they are still required to perform regular childcare duties, a Governess usually works with school-age children as opposed to babies, tutoring them or teaching them a new skill such as a musical instrument or language, all in the comfort of your home.

If you require more information on our services, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to connect you with not just any candidate, but the right candidate!

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