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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency to Find your Ideal Client


There are ample reasons why companies and individuals choose to use a recruitment agency to find talent. Below we have just listed 6 reasons why using a credible and highly experienced recruitment agency is a good idea.

  • Understanding the market

Recruiters are in tune with what’s happening in the market. They can anticipate clients’ needs and come up with insightful solutions. They know where to find the talent, how much they will cost, how to talk to them, know their skills set and career expectations. Once a candidate is pin-pointed they act as a broker and will assist you in closing the deal.


  • Knowledgeable of Recruitment and Selection practices

Recruitment agencies understand the nuances and ethics concerned with recruitment and selection. They understand the laws and aim to exercise best practice recruitment. Their objective is to ensure that both the client and candidate feel that the transaction is treated fairly, honestly and with respect.

  • Keep your current employer brand intact

Recruiters can assist you with finding the right candidate who will fit in and understand your brand and company culture. You want to avoid hiring an individual who has a bad reputation, and can potentially ruin the brand and image you have worked so hard at creating.

Allow the recruitment agency to spend some time with your team to get a feel for the company. This allows the agency to better represent you as the company of choice, thus enticing candidates to see you as a potential employer.

  • Weaving out the talent from the pretenders

If you have ever administered a recruitment process you know how extremely excruciating it can be sifting through tons of CVs.  Everybody assures you that they are the “perfect” or “highly-talented” candidate for the job. Anybody can believe that they can do a job, but not everyone can do it. 

Reading cover letter after cover letter, sitting through interview after interview can be cumbersome, not to mention time-consuming. So leave it to the agency, let them get their hands dirty and simply just present you with the crème de la crème.

  • They can go where you can only dream of going

Recruitment agencies are popular and loved by potential candidates. They have CVs flying at them left, right and center and will have access to people in their database that you never knew existed. Let’s face it, sometimes good candidates are hard to find, or they haven’t seen your advertisement or haven’t found a good enough reason to migrate to your organization.

This is where recruitment agencies can be very influential because they are trusted, experienced and know how to talk to candidates. Remember this is what they do! Talent scouting! Plus they have a large network and are connected to other agencies, thus giving them access to a much bigger pool than yours.

  • Speedy hires

If someone leaves your organization they often need to be replaced immediately and sometimes the long and arduous recruitment process can leave you limping for a while. Recruitment agencies have good, skilled, full-time and short- term candidates on tap. All you need to do is ring them, tell them what you need and they will have someone for you in a matter of days.

Whatever your reason for using a recruitment agency remember in most cases they will save you time and money. Money because the wrong hire can be very costly! A recruitment agency will find you what you need and represent your company exceptionally well in front of a pool of talented people. Ultimately that’s what you are looking for right? Talented individuals who will fit exceptionally well with your team, so leave it to the recruiters.


How To Prepare for an Interview

So you have put together a pretty impressive CV and you have managed to capture the eye of the recruiter, and because all the elements were in place, you bagged yourself an interview! Woohoo! Well-done to you!

Now, what? Do you just show up live? Do you wing it? Do you hope that they will ask you easy questions? Do you hope that the interview panel is lovely and sweet? Ummm, no! Let’s leave the hope aside for a while and actually, prepare for this interview. Sometimes people skip this step because they feel that their CV will speak on their behalf, however, that thinking process could be detrimental to your success. Just like you took the time to prepare a well-written CV you need to take the same amount of time to prepare yourself for your interview. This also helps you to lessen some of the anxiety that you might experience on the day.

Remember the more prepared you are the more confident you will feel, and the better you will likely perform. Below are 6 tips that you need to consider before you go marching (or Skyping) into your interview:

Visualize yourself acing it

The battle is half won if you believe that you are the right person for the job. So take some time playing out the interview in your mind’s eye and see yourself cruising through it easily. See yourself answering the questions with ease, being comfortable, looking presentable, arriving on time, having amazing rapport with the interview panel and leaving feeling good. This simple exercise helps with getting you into the right frame of mind.

Know and Research your Company/Person and Industry

You need to have an idea of who you will be dealing with and the type of company/person you will possibly be working with. So take some to research the company/person, find out their values and what they stand for and what they are trying to achieve. Make a link to see how you can best fit into their mould and how you can help them in meeting their mandate. 

Spend time on their website, as well as their social media so that you can get a feel for their tone, how they communicate and what they communicate about.  There is nothing worse than an interviewer asking you some publicly known information about themselves, and you drawing a blank face. That just communicates that you really don’t care.

Dress for the Occasion

We cannot stress how important this is. We all know the old adage ‘First impressions last’, and indeed they do. You will be judged by how you present yourself, as yes that will play a part in how people perceive you.

Your safest look is a conservative and simple business or business casual look. Look neat, presentable and put together. Make sure that your hair is tidy, nails are manicured, shoes are polished (make sure you can walk in them first and foremost) and jewelry to a minimum. Remember, you are not trying to win a pageant, but rather trying to look like you belong. Even if it’s a skype call at your home, your top half should look presentable.



Have a copy of your CV with you

You never know who is going to be on the interview panel, therefore take 5 copies of your CV for easy reference for them and for you as well. There is a high chance you will be asked questions about your CV, so having it there will also assist you. Also, it’s good to know it pretty well anyway, so take some time to reacquaint yourself with it.

Research Interview Questions

This step is really useful because it helps you to prepare for the possible questions that you might be asked. So research interview questions in your industry and prepare answers for them too. There are a lot of available resources online to assist you with this.

Use the aid of a Mirror or a Friend

It’s good to see and hear what you will sound like when answering questions. So if you can get a friend to ask you some questions, then you can have a feel for how your answers will be constructed and what they will sound like. Also practicing in front of a friend or mirror allows you to see what you look like and the possible faces your make when you are thinking.

Preparation makes all the Difference!

There are so many other ways to prepare for an interview, however, these 6 quick tips should get you started on the right path. Remember you can never really over prepare for an interview, rather have a lot more in your bag of goods then be caught empty handed.

Do not be arrogant, be humble, friendly and confident. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and sound, and the more convinced and willing the interview panel will be at deciding to take a chance on you! So bring your A-game!

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